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BrightWorks offers six indelibly related services; each is a critical element of high-performing organizations. Our prospective clients in Healthcare and Academic Medicine all face a complicated set of strategic, operational, financial and relationship issues. One or more of BrightWorks' service segments can result in an immediate and dramatic improvement in performance. Ultimately, all six of our service segments can provide benefits to every organization.


In support of our clients, BrightWorks offers C-Suite Interim Leadership for hospitals, health
systems and academic medical centers looking for expert resources to manage a period of
transition, crisis or change. BrightWorks offers highly qualified CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs.

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Essential Financial Improvement

BrightWorks provides comprehensive financial improvement solutions to address any proportion of total organization cost required. All work is performed exclusively by experts who collectively address all cost and revenue categories found within Healthcare or Academic Medicine. An assessment is completed within six weeks. Opportunities are presented to the client leadership which always exceed the total financial improvement goal. The client’s executive leadership, together with BrightWorks prioritize the opportunities for implementation. BrightWorks recommends ongoing actions to assure resilient improvements.

C-Suite at the Center© Toolkit

BrightWorks has produced extensive, proprietary work that we call "C-Suite at the Center", BrightWorks conducts organizational assessments addressing common characteristics which impede organization and leadership performance. In contrast to most organizational improvement initiatives, our C-Suite at the Center leads to incremental, modest change, which over time reduces group meeting time and increases manager productivity, optimizes the contribution of managers at all levels, improves the pace and effectiveness of decision-making, enhances the ability to achieve innovation and produces a lean but wholly sufficient management solution. View C-Suite Toolkit

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Business Portfolio and Market Positioning

Utilizing BrightWorks’ industry-leading process of “Design Acceleration”, our Advisors lead large and small planning efforts. Collectively, these efforts reset the market positioning for a hospital or college. Clients are then responsive to prevailing market circumstances and competition with respect to service offerings, strategic facilities, points and methods of access, revenue optimization and in healthcare, the development of provider risk initiatives.

Partnerships and Strategic Transactions

BrightWorks has extensive experience in all forms of strategic relationship development. For broad alignment needs for incremental growth, BrightWorks will organize and facilitate group processes composed of a cross-section of client leadership that predictably achieves desired goals: sell assets, acquire other providers or healthcare businesses, merge entities, or create unique structural solutions. BrightWorks is the national leader in developing a "strategic regional healthcare organization". Working across multiple like-minded organizations, BrightWorks can help achieve radical economies of scale or collective initiatives in Population Health risk.

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Academic Medicine

Specialized Services for Academic Medicine

BrightWorks provides a comprehensive range of solutions for Academic Medicine. These include developing and negotiating academic affiliation agreements, creating faculty practice plans, and assessing performance. We also offer services in medical school and curriculum planning, health professions program expansion, and accreditation. Additionally, BrightWorks specializes in funds flow analysis, GME and research assessment, programming, accreditation, and diversification of funding strategies, including federal supplemental payment programs.

Executive Interim Management

BrightWorks excels in placing interim C-suite leaders in healthcare institutions and academic medicine during periods of transition, crisis, or change. Our highly qualified CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs are available for mid-term and fixed-term senior leadership positions, either as solo placements or management teams. We also provide experienced program managers for cardiovascular, orthopedic, and oncology departments to ensure effective program management. Our interim executives bring the expertise and skills needed to make an immediate impact, guiding your organization confidently through change and laying a strong foundation for future success.

Executive Interim Management